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Your species has overcome overwhelming odds and the most oppressive of circumstances, namely yourselves, to reach this moment. Welcome to the year 2155 CE humanity. Your planet has been introduced to the Galactic Nexus and you have entered in to the Amintraic Empire in the middle of a bitter civil war and an invasion from an ancient enemy. What will you, a Terran, a low technology race on the fringe of the galactic arm, bring to this great moment in time? Well... time will tell.
SAGE System
The Saga Gaming Engine (SaGE) is the product of years of development by innovators who have a passion for the role-playing game medium. It emphasizes the character and their role in a story, and brings to bear a daring engine that bridges the action of a blow by blow system of combat with the need for the character to perform epic feats of heroism, without sacrificing realism. Impossible? No. Read More…
Rune's Law Publishing
Rune’s Law Innovations is based out of Houston, Texas. We could tell you we’re a big company with a staff, dedicated phone line, and all the accoutrement of a developing enterprise, but I won’t. Because we’re not. We are a soft collective of gamers, passionate about our development, and paid by our own sense of, well, we’re not paid. Not yet anyway. That’s where you come in. Keep checking here for opportunities to buy our amazing products and games.

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